Transatlantic Fun

I’ve been playing a bit with some folks who are primarily in the UK. There’s a group on iRacing called Tanso Racing League. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been racing their Sunday night league. Well, it’s Sunday night for them. It’s smack in the middle of my afternoon.

While I’m working on healing after my surgery, it’s providing a level of racing that’s really darned close to the professional racing I experience in IMSA and SRO. Everyone races really tight, hard, and above all quite fairly. Even when there’s an incident, you can be assured it’s not with nefarious intent. I just had a brilliant race at the virtual Mount Panorama, and in the second race I had an incident going into The Chase. It was tight racing with Neil Rocks in the braking zone. There was easily a foot or so between us, but due to the distance to the servers in Europe, my signal was a bit delayed to them and it deemed there was contact. Sadly, it spun him out and left me to continue racing. It’s one of the frustrating parts of iRacing, but it’s not really costing anyone anything. Neil ended up just two positions behind me, so it wasn’t so bad.

If you’re looking for some fun, this league is free to join and race. They have both professional and amateur classes, so there’s always someone to race with. Sometimes the pros find ourselves racing with amateurs due to incidents, or quite honestly very talented amateurs.

While I’m healing, I can see this league being a great part of keeping my skills honed. Join us!

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