About Michael


Michael has been racing one thing or another for decades.  From bicycles to motorcycles, sports cars, GT cars, and even prototypes, Michael has been a highly regarded instructor, coach, and racer.

Michael’s vast knowledge over many subjects, thanks in part to having learned down to an engineering level about his sponsors products, helps to make him an excellent communicator, able to “pull a Feynman” and break things down to the simplest explanation.  Michael can discuss massive multi-petabyte storage area networks, intrusion detection, client imaging, real estate investment, coffee roasting and production, Michelin Star level restaurant cooking, cognitive brain function as it relates to visual, kinesthetic, and auditory input, and even several different styles of swing dancing with the same ease as most professionals in their field.

The coaching clients rave about his ability to make them faster, safer, and more successful in their racing endeavors.  Michael typically coaches them into consistent lap times, literally seconds per lap faster than when they started.

Manufacturing and motorsports development clients appreciate Michael’s extremely consistent and fast style of driving which makes it easy to compare setup changes throughout the sessions.  His experience in developing cars from  “crap-can” racers, various spec and other amateur classes through touring cars, GS cars, GT cars, and even prototypes, the ability to communicate the subtleties to the race engineer and car chief make him an asset to any team he joins.

Michael has been called the perfect mixture between Jenson Button, Michael Schumacher, and Allan McNish – smooth, fast, great in traffic, and with an eye for the finish.

And by the way, he does all this in two languages, German and English, both spoken as a native.