Porsche Owners Club 2023 Season 1 Sim Racing Champion

I did it! I won the championship. It took a lot of work, but I was able to finish the season at the top.

It’s a great honor to have won, especially given the level of competition. Out of the 12 races, I made it to 11, stood on the podium 9 times, with 2 of those on the top step.

There were some great competitors. Tom Layton is a great sim racer. He really has a great feel for the car in iRacing. Andrew Chinnici is another competitor who came later in the season. I know if either of those two had made it to more of the races, my quest to the top would have been much more difficult. With two surgeries in the season, and one long trip to earn my Master Scuba Diver Trainer certification, I had my share of difficulties.

While those two were excellent competitors, one strong standout was Michael Bolten. We’ve been working together, coaching him to a third place finish in the championship. He did an amazing job to get there, even having a wedding the weekend before the final race. A truly talented driver with a lot of success to come.

While surgeries have kept me out of a “real” car, the wonderful world of iRacing has kept my skills sharp, and with drivers like the three I mentioned above, expect to see me doing more and more in the virtual world. There are spaces for sponsorships open on the car!

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